A Small World Getting Smaller – The Future of Luxury Real Estate Worldwide

Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate Attendees

I recently attended and spoke at a Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate  and Board of Regents conference held for members only at the Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo. The members attending came from all over the globe: the United Arab Emirates, China, France, Spain, Switzerland and the USA.  It was a gathering of the best and the brightest in luxury real estate who actively do transactions in multiple countries.

Monte Carlo CasinoThe number of transactions done internationally has grown considerably in the past few years and 2013 was the most robust year to date. Yet, as sensational as last year was, the forecast for growth  in 2014 for international transactions was staggering.

The strong, consistent growth and creation of wealth in the economies of China, India, Brazil and many of the former Eastern Bloc countries such as Russia has opened up a panoply of high net worth buyers who are mobile, looking for new opportunities and with the means to purchase that lifestyle that fits them best.

To further increase the pace of activity and to entice buyers to their market, many countries have launched programs for granting residency for purchases above a certain mark, such as $400,000 in St. Kitts – to site but one of many examples. Those who purchase there receive a residency permit and, most importantly, a passport, which allows them travel throughout many countries in the EU without having to get a visa every time. For many high net worth individuals, this is a huge benefit well worth the investment.

This conference drove home the point that, in luxury real estate, it is a small world that is getting smaller by the month.

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Peter Kempf is considered to be one of the leading authorities on luxury real estate and is a frequent guest speaker at international real estate conferences. With 30 years experience in real estate, Mr. Kempf's experience is considerable having been directly involved in the sale and marketing of multi-million dollar properties in 31 states and in 22 countries such as Italy, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Spain, England, Thailand, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States . His unparalleled experience is unique, extensive and includes having been the Director of International Real Estate for Christies Great Estates, Vice President and Midwest Regional Manager for Sotheby's International Realty, CEO/Europe for DCP International and a member of Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate. His clients are some of the world's most prominent CEO's, successful entrepreneurs and celebrities.