Project Analysis & Feasibility

Foresight costs less than hindsight.

In the real estate development business, the very first decisions made are often the most critical.  Significant savings in time and money can be realized from proper study and planning in the earliest phases of the real estate development lifecycle.

From a simple brainstorming charette to a comprehensive feasibility study and business plan, PKI will deliver the recipe for the highest and best use for your resort real estate offering.

Project Analysis

Occasionally a developer may want to have “outside eyes” review and analyze a project to determine if it is on the right course and, if not, what adjustments should be made. PKI’s unique understanding of the luxury market and hands-on experience is invaluable in analyzing a project and in making key recommendations.

Feasibility Study

A PKI feasibility study is comprehensive and takes a hard look at all the variables that impact the success or failure of a real estate development.  After careful analysis, a detailed list of recommendations will be delivered, one that a developer and his investors or lenders will need to make an educated decision on whether or not to proceed.

The guiding motivation behind the study will be to provide information the developer needs to know even if the information may not be what the developer wants to hear. 

“We hired PKI to do a Feasibility Study and Business Plan for one of our luxury hotel properties on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. We were very pleased with the extensive and thorough job that they did for us. In fact, their Study and Plan was vital in making  an educated decision as to what to do with our property.”

S.E.A. Spa
Giovanni Russo
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Planning & Implementation

Creating the blueprints and pouring the foundation.

While many business plans are based on theory, PKI brings critical on-the-ground, real world experience to both the creation of the Business Plan and, perhaps more importantly, how to implement it and measure its’ effectiveness.

Business Plan

Once the feasibility work is complete it’s time to get our hands dirty. This is total transparency that developers need and appreciate.  We’ll layout all the details for every initiative including marketing campaign strategy, sales technologies, and cost allocations.  From product positioning to paperclips, every dollar is accounted for.

The Business Plan is highly detailed and reveals exactly what needs to be done and when to yield the desired bottom line.”  The Business Plan will be the map by which performance can be gauged vis-à-vis the projected benchmarks.

Implementation & Management

Implementation of the Business Plan is where the rubber meets the road. PKI has successfully launched dozens of upscale second home developments all over the world.  With in house marketing design and web programming teams, our clients sleep easy knowing that the quality of their development will be represented properly to the savvy second home buyer. 

Upon implementation of the Business Plan we will frequently conduct a Variance Analysis, which is critical to a project’s success. 

Having had years of in the field experience PKI has the ability to look at Variance Analysis and know how to translate the numbers into the project’s real world activities and know what, if anything, needs to be done to keep on target.

It all depends on a sound Business Plan based on years of experience. As we say repeatedly, “Foresight costs less than hindsight.”

“We surveyed the entire market, attended trade shows, and interviewed several sales and marketing organizations. PKI clearly has the most experience, highest sales results, finest reputation, and best personnel in the industry.”

Robert Reddy
Chief Financial Officer
Spence Enterprises

Sales & Marketing

Exceptional representation for exceptional properties.

An extraordinary real estate development should be represented properly to receive the full value that it deserves.

Sales Management

What Real Estate Directors have the experience, talent, drive and lifestyle needed to qualify them to represent an exceptional real estate development?  PKI will find these rare gems via our expansive global real estate network, train them on our proprietary sales processes and manage and mentor them all the way through to sell out.  The best talent in the industry will always represent our clients.

Marketing and Design

The essence and beauty of a property cannot be conveyed with amateur photography or poorly done virtual tours.  Our buyers of luxury real estate turn a cold shoulder to unemotional and cheap looking websites and marketing pieces. Visually important photography and impressive videos are integral to creating an emotional connection with a property.

PKI will design, market and sell properties of the highest standard to which savvy buyers are attracted.  This endeavor does not have to be extraordinarily expensive; you simply need the right talent.

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Proprietary Technology

Real estate developers dedicate extensive resources towards lead generation.  However, industry averages show no more than 50% of those valuable prospective buyers are actually spoken with by a salesperson.  

In real estate sales, proper response to new prospects is critically important and often overlooked by sales and marketing teams. Lead response management is something that PKI does not overlook. We have developed or proprietary presentation and response technology, Clearview Elite, to improve our clients’ engagement rates.

PKI will design, market and sell properties of the highest standard to which savvy buyers are attracted.  This endeavor does not have to be extraordinarily expensive; you simply need the right talent.

To immediately receive detailed pricing information to your inbox, complete the simple form to the right.

“We had a significant lead generation event with literally hundreds of prospective buyers requesting information in a matter of weeks. Without Clearview Elite we would have needed an army of sales people to properly respond in a timely manner. I’m happy to say that CVE was an integral piece in our ability to welcome more than 40 new owners within 90 days.” 

David Dodwell
The Reefs Resort & Club